• Safety analysis of nuclear installations

  • Containers for RAW

  • RAW management


Within the framework of the Implementation Agreement for Radioactive Waste Disposal between Ukraine and NATO and with the support of the NATO Trust Fund, “NT-Engineering” has successfully completed the project “Remediation of the Radioactive Waste Storage Site in Ukraine. RAW management at the Tsybuleve site, located on the territory of the military unit of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Tsybuleve, Kirovograd region.
The company "NT-Engineering" has completed the stage of extraction and transportation of «legacy» radioactive waste left over from the Soviet Union times from the landfill at the «Tsybuleve» facility of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. The extracted radioactive waste was transferred to storage at the «Buryakivka» RWDP in the Exclusion Zone.
On November 19-22, at the site of the Zaporizhzhia NPP with the participation of specialists of "NT-Engineering" LLC, a training for the group of engineering support and instructors of the STC on the risk-informed management of the NPP configuration was conducted.