Nuclear Energy Innovation Institute

Public Union “Nuclear Energy Innovations Institute” is a non-governmental non-profit organization founded in 2020.

The aim of the Institute is to create a unifying public platform for a wide range of scientific and technical research, as well as engineering developments in the direction of modernization and development of the nuclear industry.

The purpose of the Institute is the implementation of scientific and technical research, engineering work, technical and scientific support of design and engineering work.

The institute carries out:

  • development of proposals for regulatory authorities on the need to prepare draft regulatory acts, as well as on the need to revise them;
  • development of draft regulatory acts;
  • preparation of analyzes of regulatory impact, expert conclusions on regulatory impact and implementation of measures to monitor the effectiveness of regulatory acts;
  • development of program documents related to scientific and technical research;
  • preparation of analytical materials, articles, presentations, documents with the highlighted position of the Institute on important industry issues;
  • organization of specialized events (seminars, conferences, working meetings);
  • preparation of information for the issuance of a newsletter to cover the strategies and programs of the EU and Ukraine.

The Nuclear Energy Innovation Institute establishes cooperation with international specialized associations and organizations in order to introduce technologies of small modular reactors.

The Institute has created a technological platform for the exchange and promotion of research on the development of new technologies and improvement of the nuclear industry efficiency.