Radiation safety

The challenges of radiation danger that exist today require the involvement of energetic, qualified and responsible professionals aimed at comprehensive solutions to human and environmental problems. This is the team of specialists formed by NT-Engineering.

NT-Engineering offers radiation safety services in the field of radioactive waste (RW) management and the use of ionising radiation sources (IRS).

NT-Engineering uses the classical principles of radiation protection to minimise the negative impact of ionising radiation:

  • justification;
  • optimisation (ALARA principle);
  • non-exceedance.

Determining the effectiveness of the necessary measures and protective actions for radiation protection are done based on the results of the analysis of radiation conditions at the work sites and preliminary estimates of radiation doses to personnel. At the same time, the following methods of personnel radiation protection are taken into account:

  • reduction of radiation from a ionising radiation source;
  • isolation of the ionizing radiation source;
  • reduction of time spent by personnel in the ionising radiation field;
  • maximum increase in the distance from the work site to IRS;
  • use of radiation protection and PPE;
  • labour costs optimisation.

Development of design, technological and constructive solutions for radiation protection, safety analyses and environmental impact assessments of radiation-hazardous objects — our company executes all these works in compliance with the highest quality standards.

The company has established a departmental supervision service to ensure compliance with the requirements of regulations on nuclear and radiation safety, as well as the conditions of current licences.

Due to the conservative approach to the implementation of measures for personnel radiation protection, NT-Engineering has no cases of exceeding the control levels of radiation doses to personnel executing radiation-hazardous work.


Examples of NT-Engineering implemented projects in the field of radiation safety