Preparation of the Report on Environmental Impact Assessment of the Rivne NPP Industrial Site

As part of the harmonisation of Ukrainian legislation in accordance with European Union regulations, Ukraine adopted a new Law “On Environmental Impact Assessment” No. 2059-VIII dated 23 May 2017, which provides procedures for assessing the impact of practical activities on the environment in accordance with the principles adopted in developed EU countries. Among the nuclear power facilities, the Rivne NPP became the first one which environmental impact was assessed according to this procedure.

NT-Engineering was selected as the contractor for the preparation of the Environmental Impact Assessment Report based on the results of an open tender in the “ProZorro” public procurement system of Ukraine. Development of environmental impact assessment materials was required for environmental impact assessment in case of operation of Rivne NPP power units based on the results of environmental protection measures, long-term results of environmental monitoring, and comparison of environmental conditions around the NPP before and during operation of units and forecast of expected impact during further operation of Rivne NPP power units.

According to decision VI/2 of the Sixth Meeting of the Convention on Environmental Impact Assessment in a Transboundary Context (Espoo Convention), a non-technical summary based on environmental impact assessment materials should be considered by the competent authorities of countries affected by the site.

In accordance with the Specifications requirements and NT-Engineering regulatory documents, during April-December 2018, the environmental impact assessment materials for the Rivne NPP site were developed to the following extent:

Book 1 Grounds for EIA. Physical and geographical characteristics of the Rivne NPP location area
Book 2 General Description of SS Rivne NPP. Production waste
Book 3
Volume 1
Climate and microclimate. Air environment.
Chemical pollution of the air
Book 3
Volume 2
Air environment.
Radiation factor influence on atmospheric air
Book 3
Volume 3
Geological environment
Book 3
Volume 4
Water environment
Book 3
Volume 5
Soils. Flora and fauna, protected objects
Book 4 Assessment of impacts on the social and man-made environment
Book 5 Comprehensive measures to ensure safety and the regulatory state of the environment
Book 7 Transboundary impact of production activities on the environment
- Non-technical summary of the environmental impact assessment of the Rivne NPP site

All materials were published in Ukrainian and English.

The materials were reviewed and approved by Rivne NPP experts, and a non-technical summary was provided to all countries involved in the Espoo Convention.

During 2019, representatives of NT-Engineering LLC participated in public hearings on the review of environmental impact assessment materials, which took place in Kyiv and 9 regions of Ukraine.

Also, the company’s specialists together with the specialists of the Rivne NPP and NNEGC Energoatom answered to the comments and remarks of the countries involved, in particular Poland, Hungary and Slovakia.

The customer positively assessed cooperation with NT-Engineering.