Radioactive Waste Management

Radioactive waste are material objects and substances, which radionuclide activity or radioactive contamination exceeds the limits established by current regulations, given that the use of these objects and substances is not provided.

One of the main principles of the state policy of Ukraine in the field of radioactive waste management is the priority to protect life and health of personnel, population and environment from the radioactive waste impact.

To protect humans and the environment from the negative effects of radwaste, it is necessary to organize their safe removal or collection, processing and isolation (disposal). Such operations are performed by specialised enterprises required to have licences to carry out the relevant activity.

According to the Law of Ukraine “On Permitting Activities in the Field of Nuclear Energy Use”, NT-Engineering has obtained licences that give the right to process radioactive waste and transport radioactive materials, as well as a licence to use ionising radiation sources.

Development and implementation of comprehensive solutions in the field of radioactive waste management is one of the main NT-Engineering activities.

Our company provides the following services in the field of radioactive waste management:

  • design, development and coordination of technical decisions on the radioactive waste management procedure with regulatory authorities;
  • removal and/or collection of radioactive waste from facilities and territories intended to be disposed of from radwaste;
  • performing a full range of works on the preparation of radioactive waste for transportation, including the provision of the necessary container stock;
  • transportation of radioactive materials to storage / disposal spots;
  • full restoration of sites after withdrawal or collection of radioactive materials to the states specified by the requirements of regulatory documents.

NT-Engineering possesses special motor transport and specialised radwaste transportation/storage containers for transportation of radioactive materials.

Radiometric and dosimetric support is provided during all types of work.

While employing comprehensive solutions in the field of radioactive waste management, our company ensures strict compliance with the established level of safety throughout the production process, as well as full compliance with all regulatory requirements in the field of nuclear and radiation safety.


Examples of NT-Engineering implemented projects in the field of Radioactive Waste Management