The main activities of NT-Engineering are radioactive waste management, engineering in the field of nuclear energy, as well as nuclear and radiation safety.

NT-Engineering is one of the leading private companies in Ukraine in the field of radioactive waste management.

In the engineering field of the nuclear energy sphere, NT-Engineering focuses on innovative technologies that increase the efficiency of nuclear generating capacity, ensuring a high level of its safety.

The key principle of work is the preparation and implementation of comprehensive technical and technological solutions that allow maximum consideration of the customer’s needs.

The effectiveness of NT-Engineering is also ensured by the presence in its affiliated organizations of two research institutes - "Chornobyl Research and Development Institute" and "Nuclear Energy Innovations Institute", which are engaged in research and scientific-practical activities in relevant fields.

In addition, the subsidiary NT-Exploration provides a full range of services for hazardous waste management, from detection and inspection of hazardous substances, to their removal, transportation and disposal.