Remediation of Contaminated Areas

Rehabilitation of areas that have been exposed to radioactive and chemical contamination is one of the most important tasks in the field of radioactive and chemical waste management.

NT-Engineering provides services for the rehabilitation of radioactively contaminated areas under a licence for the right to carry out activities for the processing of radioactive waste, and its subsidiary NT-Exploration carries out works on cleaning the territory from chemical pollution within the limits of the licence for hazardous waste management.

One of the areas of rehabilitation of radioactively contaminated areas is the elimination of “historic” repositories of military radioactive waste. The work usually begins with the collection, processing and comprehensive analysis of survey data of the repository and adjacent areas. The survey covers a wide range of different studies, including the study of preserved historical data, radiation and chemical tests, interviews with former employees, and more. Based on the survey data analysis results allows selecting the most optimal methods, technologies and sequence of works on the rehabilitation of radioactively contaminated areas.

The NT-Engineering specialists develop engineering proposals for the extraction and processing of radioactive waste, further rehabilitation of radioactively and chemically contaminated areas using the best technologies. In particular, the engineering proposals for the rehabilitation of contaminated areas provide a set of measures to remove contaminated soil, create on-site productive and rationally organised elements of cultural anthropogenic landscapes, improve environmental conditions.

The project on rehabilitation of contaminated areas after the completion of all works is considered finished only after passing an independent verification that shall confirm the compliance of the achieved results with the rehabilitation criteria.

NT-Engineering independently executes all works on rehabilitation of contaminated areas.

NT-Engineering has a unique experience for Ukraine in restoring radioactively contaminated areas to the level of a green lawn.


Examples of NT-Engineering implemented projects in the field of territory rehabilitation