Experimental planting of a fast-growing willow on the drained section of the Chornobyl NPP cooling pond

One of the technical measures in case of decommissioning of the industrial site of SSE “Chornobyl NPP” is the gradual drainage of the cooling pond. Given its large area, the reclamation through artificial measures is a complex and very costly task. The NT-Engineering Specialists and Chornobyl NPP performed experimental planting of fast-growing willow seedlings (or, as it is also called, “energy” willow) on the drained cooling pond area in 2015. Several plots that differed in their morphological characteristics (soil composition, proximity to water surface, humidity, etc.) with a total area of about 2 hectares were selected for planting. Monitoring the condition of the planted willow will allow us to evaluate the possibility of using such technology to form the ecocenosis at the cooling pond area after its complete drainage, as well as the possibility to use energy tree species in the exclusion zone.