NT-Exploration Limited Liability Company is a licensed operator of the sphere of hazardous waste services in accordance with the requirements of national legislation. Hazardous waste management activities are carried out by the company's specialists in compliance with all regulatory requirements and taking into account the best international practice in this field and are based on the principles of responsibility and safety.

The company is a subsidiary of the recognized market leader in radioactive waste management "NT-Engineering" LLC, and therefore inherits all the professional and social values ​​of the parent company.

“NT-Exploration” has technical solutions, qualified engineering, production personnel and a quality management and control system that allows to perform the most complex projects at a high level.

This approach to solving issues allowed ‘NT-Exploration’ specialists to implement projects affecting the most dangerous waste groups:

  • wastes containing mercury and mercury compounds,
  • pesticides, biocides, herbicides and other plant protection products that have expired or are unusable.

The substances used in these compounds are poisonous in pure and concentrated form for all living organisms. They require responsible, careful and qualified handling in compliance with all possible safety requirements and the use of protective equipment.

Thanks to extensive experience, the company is able to provide a wide range of hazardous waste services, which includes:

  • a comprehensive approach to solving the tasks and requirements of the customer.
  • development and coordination with regulatory authorities of design decisions.
  • implementation in practice, in compliance with certain deadlines, performance of works.
  • logistics solutions for the transportation of hazardous substances, both domestically and internationally.
  • complete restoration of work areas to their original, natural state.