New Nuclear Technologies

The development of nuclear energy creates technological challenges that need to be addressed.

NT-Engineering adheres to its basic values and principles and implements its own strategy on building leadership positions in the industry.

One of the main modern directions in nuclear reactor creation and construction technologies are small modular reactors (SMR).

This technology basically meets the key demands of today’s nuclear energy.

The high level of operational safety, the ability to manoeuvre power, economically attractive construction and operation figures, as well as symbiosis with renewable energy sources allow us to express optimism about the introduction of SMR technologies in the coming years.

NT-Engineering is a consistent supporter of SMR technology and, as a contractor for the Argonne National Laboratory (United States), supports the promotion of SMR technology in Ukraine and other emerging markets.

The purpose of our activity in this direction is to create a regional engineering and technological hub to promote SMR technologies.

NT-Engineering is engaged in a comprehensive study of technological, economic, regulatory and infrastructural aspects of SMP technologies implementation and works with leading companies such as NuScale Power (United States) and Holtec International (United States), with which relevant agreements have been signed.

NT-Engineering, through its affiliated organisation, the Institute of Nuclear Energy Innovation (Ukraine), also participates in the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) program “Economics of Small Modular Reactors”.


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