Rehabilitation of the former Tsybuleve radioactive waste landfill territory in the Kirovohrad region

The project is currently being implemented and is funded by the special NATO Trust Fund. Rehabilitation of this site is the final stage of the project — before that, all hazardous substances, waste and structural elements were removed from the site of radioactive waste storage. At present, the Site Rehabilitation Plan has been approved by the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine (which is the Beneficiary of the project and the User of the site and neighbouring lands). According to the agreed Plan, NT-Engineering has started preparations for the measures envisaged by the Plan.

Currently, the plan provides for two stages of rehabilitation. The first stage provides for technical reclamation of the site, which will ensure the removal of all man-made factors (technological sites and structures), surface restoration and formation of the upper fertile soil layer using a soil mixture with the desired characteristics.



The second stage provides for restoration of the site vegetation — a deciduous grove of trees and shrubs will be formed within the deciduous forest, which are adapted to grow among mature deciduous forest in adverse seasonal conditions (biological reclamation occurs in summer). Subsequently, the necessary support measures will be taken to care for the planted plants after the onset of autumn.

The result will be a fully restored and environmentally safe area that blends harmoniously with the surrounding forest ecosystem.