Compliance with norms and rules on nuclear and radiation safety in the implementation of projects for the elimination of radioactive waste storage facilities

In accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine, any activity on radwaste management, including elimination of radwaste storage facilities, must be carried out in compliance with the norms and rules on nuclear and radiation safety.

At the initial stage, the implementation of RAW storage elimination projects involves the development of documents substantiating nuclear and radiation safety. Such documents include in particular:

  • Technical solutions for radwaste removal and management;
  • Reports on safety analysis of radwaste processing, transportation and storage;
  • Technological regulations of radwaste processing plants;
  • Radiation and dosimetric control programs;
  • Control levels of radiation safety, etc.

Relevant documents must pass the state examination for compliance with current NRS standards and best international experience. Based on the positive conclusion of such examination, the SNRCU approves the activities on RAW management, including the elimination of radwaste storage facilities.

Some documents related to sanitary supervision are also approved by the territorial bodies of the State Food and Consumer Service of Ukraine.

At the stage of performing the main work on RAW removal from the repository and further processing, characterization, conditioning and transportation to the licensed repository for storage and / or disposal of radwaste, a set of practical measures is carried out in compliance with all norms and requirements, which presupposes the following:

  • non-admission to the work of personnel who have not passed the examinations for knowledge of norms and rules on NRS, has medical contraindications, is under 18 years of age;
  • conducting nuclear and radiation safety briefings before starting work;
  • obligatory radiation-dosimetric support of radiation-dangerous works;
  • conducting individual dosimetric control of personnel;
  • use of personal protective equipment in accordance with the nature and level of danger to personnel.

In accordance with the requirements of the current legislation, the works on elimination of the RAW storage facility are considered completed after the complete removal of RAW from the area, its restoration to the state inherent before the influence of the radioactive contamination factor and independent verification, which should confirm the absence of any residual radioactive contamination.